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Map Layers - Images

How to add a image layer and use-cases for that layer type

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Step-by-step guide

Image layers are great for adding custom designed images into the map and can include map design, logos, icons etc.

⚠️ In order for images to display on mobile we recommend keeping the file size below 1MB ⚠️

To add an image layer, select the plus + to create a new layer and select Image from the options at the top of the map.

Draw your shape by dragging the corner to form the rough size/shape of your image

Once happy, release your mouse click to complete the shape

You will then be presented with the image uploaded where you can select a previously uploaded image or upload a new one.

Supported file formats are .jpg, .jpeg, .png

For this example we have uploaded a logo however the same steps could be followed to add a custom floor plan, park concept plan or base map

You can rotate, move and edit the shape/scale of the image using the setting in the top left

You are able to adjust the opacity of the image using the slider on the right

PLEASE NOTE: Image layers will only be able to render on top of base maps or other image layers; they will not render on top of point, line or shape files drawn
or uploaded onto the map.

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