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Map Layers - Upload layers

How to add new GeoJSON or Shapefile layers

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Map Layers (Zones / Project Areas) are used to define spacial areas on the map so that comments are focused on the current Project Area

  1. Log in to your Social Pinpoint Admin site

  2. Click Edit next to your project, select Map Editor

Click the link Upload Map Layer

Follow the guide below to configure the various settings and options.

⚠️For GeoJSON and Shapefile the projection (CRS - Coordinate Reference System) should be WGS84 - EPSG:4326

If your GeoJSON file is in the wrong coordinate reference system an error message will appear.

Also note, feature geometry cannot be edited when uploaded via shapefiles. If you need to edit feature geometry please upload a geojson file instead.

Upload Your File: Select your files to upload. We support GeoJSON and Shapefiles. Files can either be dropped or browsed for. GIS features supported are polygons, lines and points.

ℹ️ GeoJSON is a single file, whereas Shapefiles are a collection of files that all need to be uploaded. The minimum that can be uploaded include .shp, .shx and .dbf files

Click Upload

Create a single layer or multiple layers from the file:

  • Create (or update) a single layer: If creating a new layer, add the new layer name. If updating and/or replacing a current layer select the layer from the drop down box

  • Create (or update) multiple layers: More advanced GIS feature which allows you to nominate to upload zone(s) into multiple layers within Social Pinpoint

Click Next

GIS features (lines, polygons etc..) are loaded from the file and stored against one or more Layers in Social Pinpoint. We use an attribute in the uploaded file to name these features so that comments and operations against these features are auto-tagged

Click Next

Summary: The summary will outline how many GIS features you are importing, the layer name and attribute if selected

Click Create Layers to begin importing the files or Back to make changes

Once configured, your GeoJSON or Shapefile layer will be shown on the main Social Pinpoint mapping tool. The name will be displayed on enabled Project Areas sidebar tab widgets and the project area polygon(s) will be overlayed on the map as configured.

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