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Project Setup - Sidebar Tabs

This guide describes the creation and configuration of the Sidebar Tabs.

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To add new or configure your existing Social Pinpoint Sidebar Tabs:

  1. Log in to your Social Pinpoint Admin site

  2. Follow the guide below to configure the various settings and options.

Select a current project or create a new project using the Edit button on the Welcome Screen.

In your Setup Screen select "Sidebar Tabs" from the bottom right of your screen.

Create "New Sidebar Tab" or edit an existing Sidebar Tab.

Title: Enter a name for the Sidebar Tab

Button Title: Enter a name to be displayed on the sidebar [Pro tip: try to keep the title short and sweet!]

Icon: Select a display icon that relates to the Tab

Open by default: If ticked, this tab will automatically open when the site loads

Contents: Add content you wish to display in the sidebar. As the sidebar area will scroll, we recommend that this should be brief

Use the text editor toolbar to format content as required. When inserting images re-size as required, width limitations apply.

Tab Widget: Select a Widget to display under the Contents area of your tab

Note: About and Activity sidebar tabs are created by default for new projects. Sidebar tab configuration may not be available on all subscription types

Widget Title: Create a title of the widget that will be displayed on the sidebar

Sidebar Tab Widget options are:

  • Welcome

  • Project Areas

  • Legend

  • Activity feed

  • Survey

Open this tab when its button is pressed: Switching this off will prevent sidebar opening. Used only in conjunction with Geosurveys below

Once created your sidebar tabs will be available as shown

Welcome: Shows welcome information as defined in either 'Project Settings' or the comments section of the Welcome sidebar tab.

โœ… Tip: Links to toggle between your Interactive Map and Ideas wall can be added here.

Project Areas: Shows a list of click-able zone layers (if enabled for sidebar display)

For project areas to be displayed under the sidebar tabs the Zone must have Display in Project Areas enabled. This can be turned on and turned off at anytime by editing the zone.

Legend: Removes the legend from the map area and places it in the sidebar (Applicable only to the Mapping tool)

Zones can be sorted within the legend by defining Zone Groups.

Sidebar Survey: User can complete a survey within the Sidebar tab.

Activity: Shows comment activity feed content. The activity feed can be sorted by most recent, post popularity or by type of info marker (Applicable only to the Mapping tool)

GeoSurvey Step to Navigate when selecting the Sidebar Tab: GeoSurvey workflow steps can be linked to various actions in Social Pinpoint to change the zone/ layer visibility. Linking a GeoSurvey step to a sidebar tab enables the ability to enable/disable selected zones.

Linking a GeoSurvey step to a Sidebar Tab is a useful tool if you want the ability to enable/disable layers to display different designs or phases for comment

Select a GeoSurvey step from the drop-down box (if enabled) to create a Sidebar Tab to toggle between zones

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