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How to create and configure surveys

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Surveys can be configured and associated with Sidebar Tabs, Comment Markers, Info Marker pop-ups or Map Layer pop-ups.

To configure Surveys:

  1. Log in to your Social Pinpoint Admin site

  2. Follow the guide below to configure the various settings and options.

Select a current project using the edit button on the welcome screen or create a new project and then select your "Dashboard"

Click Surveys in the Tools Settings menu on the left


On your project Setup Page, Select Survey under Project Tools and Create

Click New Survey or edit and existing entry

Note: Surveys will switch from DRAFT to LIVE when the survey has responses. You will not be able to make some edits when the survey is Live. (you might need to delete test survey responses)

Survey Builder

The Toolbox in the top left contains the various survey questions

Questions can be added to your survey in a range of formats, the configuration options are:

Question Type: Select the type of question you would like to ask. Click to enter into survey builder or drag into the survey builder. Options are:

Question Type


Single Select (Radio)

Single select questions use a radio style format to allow single option answers for stakeholders.

Tips: You can add in features to these questions within SPP such as options order, other, clear button and logic

Multi Select (Check-In)

Multiple choice questions allow stakeholders to select one or more options from a list of answers defined.

Tips: You can add in features to these questions within SPP such as options order, other, select all, limit the number of selected options and logic (If your SPP subscription allows survey logic to be applied)


A dropdown question is a great and easy way to display without crowding the answers into a single select question.


A Polling question provides a two option in a Poll style setting.


Matrix questions allow multiple questions to have the same response options. For example, answer options from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree.

Tips: Columns are the answer options and Rows are the questions. You can set the rows to be random for each submission. You can also configure the question to require an answer for all rows.

Custom Matrix

Like a matrix question, the custom matrix allows you to have multiple questions to have the same response options.

The customer matrix allows the response options to be displayed in a numbers of ways such as dropdown, rating, single select and multi select.

You can customise the columns, rows and answer options.

Semantic Differential

This question type uses a rating scale format and can gauge stakeholders emotional attitude toward the question.

Multi Select Grid

Similar to the matrix question however, the multi Select Grid offers checkbox style options.

Short Text

Short text question types allow stakeholders an open response field. This then allows for a response in their own words rather than providing pre-set answers.

Tips: Short test questions are ideal for a standard question that requires short text responses rather than lots of detail.

You can add a character limit to this question type.

Long Text

Like the short text question type, the Long Text option allows for open feedback from your stakeholders. The comment box for Long Text questions is bigger then the short text and can provide the stakeholder the awareness that the response can be more detailed.

Tips: you can add a character limit to this question type.

Short Text List

The Short Text list question allows short form, one or two words open responses to predefined items within a question.


A Ranking question type allows stakeholders to order a set of predefined answers by way of their preference.


Often referred to as ordinal questions, the rating shows a scale of answers to find out how stakeholders rate something. For example, from 1 to 10.

Tips: add in rate descriptions to identify opposite ends of the rating scale.


Slider questions give stakeholders the ability to evaluate an answer on a numerical scale.

You can set the step, the interval that the slider jumps or or down by.

Also the minimum and maximum range of the scale.

Image Select

Image select allows you to display images as answer options.


Allow date selection with this question type.

Document Upload

You can collect document files within your surveys.

Stakeholders can upload PDF file format.


  • Rich Text (HTML Text Description) - Display static HTML and text. This question type does not need any input from the user and is purely for information display in the survey

Question Title: Enter the title for the question. This is the actual question you are asking

Description: Instructions for the question. For example: Please select one

Mark this question as required: Click this option if an answer is required before submitting

Inline: Places the options onto 1 line.

Options/Answers: Where applicable based on the Question Type selected, enter the available answer options, separate each option onto a separate line

Options Order: Chose the order or the options are display

To Sort Questions order: Drag function to sort questions

Logic: There are two options to configure in Logic:

  • Visible if - this determines if a question will be shown to the stakeholder based on responses

  • Jump to if - the survey will jump to this question when the set conditions are met

Remove: Click 'Delete' to remove single questions

Save: Once survey is built this will create the survey (NOTE: once survey is built and you begin editing the survey this button will change to 'Update')

The survey will appear with a DRAFT status until your project is Active and the survey has received responses.

Survey Settings

Name: Enter a name for your survey

Single Submit: Enabling this will prevent the same stakeholder submitting a survey more than once

⚠️Single-submit surveys are not presented to a stakeholder when submitting a comment if that stakeholder has completed the survey previously.

Similarly, single-submit surveys that reside in sidebar tabs, or that are shown for a map layer or info marker, will not be presented to a stakeholder once completed, with the "thank you" message for the survey shown in its place. This will only occur for those stakeholders that have chosen the "Remember Me" option when submitting a comment or survey.

Submit Actions

Survey Submit Action: Select an action you wish to execute when a user presses the Submit button after completing a survey. Options are:

  • Submit then close (default action)

  • Submit then Navigate to a URL

  • Submit then Navigate to a GeoSurvey step (if enabled)

Thank You Message

Enter text here to display to the user once they submit a survey.

Not only is it a good idea to thank them for submitting but also think about if you could

  • Point them to any more areas to seek further information

  • Prompt them to perform more actions such as sharing with friends, or submitting further surveys or comments


Email Notification settings allow you to customise the email sent to users after submitting a survey response.

Subject: Enter the subject line of the notification email users will receive

Body: Enter the email body text to be displayed

⚠️Note: Current email is plain text only, does not support images/ formatting.

Survey Preview/Tester

This allows you to obtain an idea of how the survey will function and view on a specific device

Survey Variables

Surveys can now be build with variables to personalise a stakeholders survey experience.

Survey Pages

The survey builder now includes a Pages functionality

Adding survey questions across multiple pages can avoid survey fatigue when scrolling through long surveys.

Click Add Page to add a page to your survey.

Add survey to Marker

Select Marker Types, either under Map or Ideas Walls on your project Setup page

Create New Category or edit an existing marker type.

Under Post Submission Form Settings, select the survey you wish to attach to the marker type.

This will allow for a survey to be conducted on a user after they submit their initial comment.

Add Survey to an Information Marker

Go to your project map view and click the Info Markers toggle button. (You will only see this Info Markers toggle if you are logged in as an admin user)

Drag and drop an Info Marker onto your map where it is relevant for people to click and take the survey. Give the Info Marker a Summary title and add any information or photos necessary.

Click Submit.

While still in map view. Click on the Survey Info Marker you just added and Click Edit Information.

From the Survey drop down menu click which Survey you wish to add to the Info Marker and click update at the bottom of the page.

Back in map view, click on the Info Marker to see the Survey popup!

Adding a Survey to a Map Layer

In the Settings menu on the left, click Map Editor (see Project Setup - Map Layers for more information)

Click the pencil Edit button on the map layer you want the survey to pop up when selected.

Open the Select Actions menu and choose action Open Information from the drop down menu.

Then choose the Survey you wish to add to the popup from the drop down menu.

Open your map screen and click on the layer to view the survey in the popup

Adding a Survey to the Map or Ideas Wall Sidebar

Create a new Sidebar Tab for your Survey or add a Survey to an existing tab - (See Project Setup - Sidebar Tabs for more information)

Add the Sidebar Title, Icon, and Contents you wish to add to the Sidebar

Tab Widget: Select the Survey option from the Tab Widget dropdown menu

Survey Details: Select which Survey you want to be added to the Sidebar Tab (the Survey will show up after the Sidebar Contents)

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