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Project Setup - Forum

How to create and configure the Forum tool

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Forums are a great way to stimulate conversations with your stakeholders on a certain theme or topic and can be used as part of your current consultation or stand-alone on a page.

To configure Surveys:

  1. Log in to your Social Pinpoint Admin site

  2. Follow the guide below to configure the various settings and options.

Select a current project by clicking on the Project Name or clicking "Edit" to the right of the project name. Or "CREATE A NEW PROJECT".

If you already have a project, click Forums in the Tools Settings menu on the left.

In your Setup Page click on Forums and then "New Forum"

Forum Details;

Name: Enter a name for your forum

Summary: This will be the heading for your topic or forum

Banner Image: Insert an image to appear above your forum

Body: Additional text you would like to appear below you summary (title)

Allow Voting: This setting will include a like/dislike option on stakeholder comments

Nested Comments: This setting allow threaded discussions (ie. stakeholders can comment on other stakeholder comments)

Show Email: Request an email from stakeholders before submitting a comments

Require Email: Make it mandatory for an email to be provided before leaving a comment

Once finished, click 'Create Forum'

Adding a Forum to a Page

To add your Forum to a page so you can start receiving feedback, head to 'Page Builder'

You can add to an existing page or create a new one, then add a 'Forum' widget and select your topic.

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