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How to configure the Virtual Town Hall tool

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Create a virtual meeting place that you stakeholders can attend to keep informed and engaged on projects in their community.

ℹ️ If you haven't done it already, make sure you have set up the integration between Zoom and your Social Pinpoint account.

Log in to your Admin account.

Navigate to the Setup screen of an existing project or create a new project.

Select Virtual Town Hall and click 'New Virtual Town Hall'

Completed your meeting details.

Topic: This is the title of your meeting

Meeting Date: This is the date and start time of your meeting

Duration Minutes: This is how long your meeting will go for

Agenda: This is content that will be visible to participants when they join the meeting

Zoom Meeting: This is where your meeting ID will be generated. You don't need to do anything with this field.

Next you will need to create a page that your meeting can be hosted on.

In your setup screen, navigate to your 'Pages' tool and click 'Page Builder' on an existing page or create a new page.

Using the 'Engagement Widget' you will be able to add your Virtual Town Hall meeting into a section on your page.

From here you can also adjust any addition content you would like to include.

Once complete, you will need to publish your page and head back to your setup screen.

To access your page as an admin (which you will need to do to start the meeting) click the applicable page from the list.

When you are ready to start your meeting and begin accepting attendees, you can click 'Start Meeting'.

⚠️Until you click start meeting, stakeholders will only see a blocked out 'join' button.

Once started, Stakeholders will be asked for a name and email before being able to join to meeting. Asking for a participant's name and email is a security requirement by Zoom and therefore cannot be removed.

Please note: As of July 2020, passwords need to be turned "on" in your Zoom meeting settings. This won't affect the user experience or make them enter a password; it's just a security requirement. Technically all Zoom meetings have passwords, but they are built into the join link so you do not need to share the password with your stakeholders.

Upon clicking join/start a new tab will open with the meeting.

⚠️Admins and stakeholder will not be required to download anything in order to use this feature.

During the meeting you will have a number of options for managing the session and the attendees. Most of these settings can be found in the bottom panel of the screen.

Some frequently used settings are;

  • Muting yourself and turning your camera on/off

  • Managing your participants

  • Sharing your screen

  • Accepting and managing any chats or questions from attendees

  • Recording the session

  • Ending the meeting

ℹ️ You can also adjust default settings with your Zoom account eg. attendee microphone is always muted or video is always off.

Once your meeting is complete, you can end the meeting by clicking 'leave meeting'.

You will have two options;

End Meeting: This will end the meeting for everyone

Leave Meeting: This will end the meeting for only you and any attendees in the session will remain

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