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How to set Page Builder settings

The Settings drop down button will give you the following options:

Page Title: The name of your page

Page Description: Brief overview of the page

Page Project: This will allow you to assign the page to a particular project

Parent Page: Chose if this page is the sub-page of another

Page URL: The web address for the page

Template: select if a Page Template is applied to this page

Font: This will allow the font that appears on the page to be changed

Page Background Colour: This will change the background colour of the entire page

Allow Search Engines to Index this Page: This will allow search engines to find this page and make it searchable

Hide this page from public users: This will hide the page from users who do not have a login access to your project

Hide login buttons from users: This will hide the option for users of you page to login

Use Custom Image For Social Media Links: This will allow you to customise the image that appears when project is shared through Social Media

*Please note that fonts and page colours are not available on Starter and Small Team Subscriptions.


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