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Page Builder - Projects List Widget
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Often used on an account landing page, this widget is a great way to display a hub of all your current projects.

Step-by-step guide

The Project List Widget can show all or selected projects with an image and summary that users can click through to visit your Ideas Wall or Interactive Map

To place this widget into a page select navigate to your Page Builder.

Add New Component and select Project List Widget.

Once placed, you can change components within the widget using the blue Edit button in the top left of the widget.

The Edit screen will allow you to edit the Title, Description of the Project list widget.

Title: The header at the top of the Widget

Description: You can add a summary or information below the header

Projects: You can select which projects are visible within the widget

Once finished editing, select OK.

You can also Delete the widget from this screen if you no longer want in on your page.


The summary and Image for each individual project can be altered in the Advanced Settings for that project back in the Project Dashboard.

Once in Project Settings you can update the Project Description and Image that will appear in the widget.

Reminder: Do not forget to Click Update at the bottom of the page to save changes!

To change button colors on the Project list widget navigate to your account dashboard. Select Account settings and adjust the primary color.

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