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UTM Tracking & Advanced Analytics
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When enabled, Social Pinpoint can provide advanced analytics and UTM information on stakeholders and responses.

ℹ️ This feature may not be available on your current subscription. Contact Us to find out more information.

Log into the Admin site of your Social Pinpoint account.

Select your project and navigate to Responses.

Select 'View' on the response you would like to take a closer look at.

You will see specific details about that user in the 'Comment Analytics' section.

Comment Analytics will provide information about the users device, location and referring domain.

UTM Information

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) is used to add parameters to URL's so you are able to track campaigns and traffic to your site.

This can be a great way to see what methods are working to drive users to engage and track any paid advertising you may be using.

Free tools like Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder can generate the UTM parameters for you.

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