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Weekly Email Reports
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Admin users can opt-in to receive a weekly email report for the entire account or a specific project.

Log in to the admin site and head to 'Manage Users'

When you create a new user or edit an existing user, you will see a 'Subscription' section.

Select the type of report this user will be signed up for;

Account Activity Report: This report will provide a summary of the activities across all projects in your account.

Project Activity Report: This report will provide a report for a specific project.

These subscriptions can be changed or removed at any time.

Report Examples

⚠️Some of the data outlined in these reports including Gender, Interests and Age Bracket are collected using Google Analytics so may not be 100% accurate.

For more accurate data collected Social Pinpoint recommends asking specific questions using surveys or other engagement tools.

Account Activity Report

Project Activity Report

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