After a survey begins receiving responses it becomes Open and the amount you can modify it become limited.

If the survey hasn't received any responses, you can fully edit the survey.

If the survey is Open, meaning it already has responses, editing options are limited. You're able to:

  • Add new questions

  • Edit body or question text

  • Change the sort order of questions

Changes you make to the survey go live as soon as you save them. The survey link doesn't change, so you don't need to reconnect to any zones or markers.

If a survey has received response (including test responses before going live) You are unable to delete it.

In order to delete an 'open' survey, you must first delete the responses from the Responses menu up the top of the admin page

After clicking on the survey response, you will see a delete option in the right corner of the pop-up

Tip: You can filter the survey responses using the Survey column in the table of responses

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