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How do I add a background image to my Ideas Wall?
How do I add a background image to my Ideas Wall?

Adding custom java to the Ideas Wall.

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Whilst showing a background image on the ideas wall is not natively supported in the product, there is a way you can use custom Javascript/styling to achieve this.

⚠️This option is only available to Consultant, Standard and Enterprise subscriptions.

What would this look like?

Step-by-step guide

Follow these steps

  1. Choose an image you would like to be displayed. You will need to first upload it to Social Pinpoint OR have it hosted elsewhere where you know the URL.

  2. If uploading to Social Pinpoint, the easiest is to go to the Project Setup - Welcome & Terms screen and upload the image using the HTML editor.

Once uploaded you can simply remove it from the editor after Copying the Image URL.

Navigate to Project Setup - Advanced Project Settings and open the Custom Javascript section. Paste in the code similar to below.

NOTE: You will need to adjust the URL in the below code snippet to your image


.ideas {

background-image:url( !important;

background-repeat:no-repeat !important;

background-size:cover !important;



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