Our Environmental Management Policy
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ℹ️ Information on the measures we take to ensure we remain as environmental friendly as possible

Social Pinpoint respects the natural environment and its life supporting ecosystems, and recognises the adverse impacts human activities can impose on the natural environment.

Social Pinpoint recognises its duty to the wider community to minimise its own environmental impacts through the implementation of sustainable and environmental best practice in all aspects of its operations and the continuous development of innovative approaches to environmental management.

Social Pinpoint is committed to:

  • Maximising the use of all resources and minimising waste, wherever possible.

  • Ensuring adherence to all federal, state and local environmental agency regulations and codes of practice.

  • Initiating and reviewing environmental objectives and measurable targets to all appropriate activities.

  • Promoting staff awareness of environmental issues and providing the training and resources that will enable them to actively contribute to fulfilling our environmental objectives and obligations.

  • Assisting, where possible, business, government agencies and community groups engaged in environmental activities.

  • Communicating this policy to all interested parties including staff, customers, vendors, suppliers and the general community.

  • Responding to inquiries from interested parties relating to this environmental policy.

Our Environment Policy is based on the following objectives:

  1. Encourage a sense of environmental responsibility among all employees.

  2. Assess the environmental impact of all new activities products and processes in advance.

  3. Assess, monitor and examine the impact of current activities on the local environment and any significant environmental impact of these activities.

  4. Implement measures necessary to prevent, eliminate or reduce pollution, emissions and waste generation to the minimum and to conserve resources, taking clean technologies into account.

  5. Implement measures to prevent accidental emissions of materials or energy.

  6. Establish and apply monitoring procedures to check compliance with the environmental policy, and where necessary, establish and update results.

  7. Establish and update procedures and actions in the case where non-compliance with the environmental policy, objectives or targets is observed.

  8. Cooperate with the public authorities to establish and update contingency procedures to minimise the environmental impact of any accidental discharges.

  1. Provide information necessary to understand the company's environmental impacts to the public and participate in open dialogue with the public.

  2. Provide appropriate advice to customers on the relevant environmental aspects of handling, use and disposal of the products made by the company.

  3. Ensure that contractors working at the site on the company's behalf apply environmental standards equivalent to the company.

Assessing Environmental Risks and Impacts

Social Pinpoint utilises “Green Audits” on a regular basis to assess its environmental impacts and risks. A selection of Green Audit activities includes:

  • Volume of the waste and recycling produced is monitored on a periodic basis

  • Walkthrough audits are also undertaken outside core business hours (from 6pm onwards) and sought to establish the manner in which employees leave electronic equipment at the end of the day.

Minimising Resource Consumption and Waste

Social Pinpoint does not consume extensive energy and water in the provision of services, but does ensure that internal policies are in place to support minimal consumption. Some examples of this program in place are:

  • Cleaning products used are bio-degradable and phosphate free

  • Minimal use of printing and paper

  • Use of reusable beverage cups to minimise disposable cup waste

  • Use of recycled paper

  • Screensavers in place on all computers

  • Use of natural light where practical and ensuring lights are turned off in areas not in use.

  • Social Pinpoint endeavours to reduce waste, by encouraging material efficiency, reducing the generation of waste, and enabling the recovery and reuse of discarded material.

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