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User Registration and Verification
User Registration and Verification

Understanding registration and verification states of stakeholders who have engaged on your project.

Written by Nicholas Bennett
Updated over a week ago

Please note: This article applies to accounts that have User Registration turned on. If you would like User Registration turned on (or off) for your account, please reach out to your account manager.

Social Pinpoint's stakeholder verification allows you to identify whether or not a stakeholder's email address has been verified.

Within the Stakeholder Information section in your account there is an available field titled Verified that you may toggle on by expanding the Table View in the top right hand corner of this section:

Toggling on this field will add a table column with one of three states applied to each stakeholder: Verified, Unverified, or Unregistered.

There are two considerations that will impact whether a stakeholder is considered Verified, Unverified or Registered. The first consideration is whether or not a stakeholder has registered an account with Social Pinpoint while engaging with your project.

If the stakeholder has not registered an account (which is not required for engagement), then they will remain in the Unregistered state.

If a stakeholder has registered for a Social Pinpoint account, they will either be Verified or Unverified based on whether or not they completed their user registration with Social Pinpoint's email verification system.

In short, Verified users confirmed their email address, while Unverified users did not.

Social Pinpoint stakeholder verification is just one of the tools in place to deter spam comments on your projects. If you suspect spam activity, please reach out to your account manager to discuss further considerations.

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