This article includes all necessary information our team will need to gather in order to begin your custom domain request. If you’re unsure about anything, please reach out to our Customer Success team for clarification.

Once the necessary information is returned to our team, you can expect your custom domain to be applied within two weeks.

Please note: A custom domain will apply across your entire Social Pinpoint account, which affects all project URLs in the account. Please ensure the custom domain chosen is appropriate for all projects.

Please send answers to the below questions directly to your account manager:

  1. What is your preferred custom domain? Please note: If this domain is not available, our team will reach out for an alternative option.

  2. Do you own this domain or will Social Pinpoint be registering it on your behalf?

  3. If you already own this domain, please share the DNS provider you are using and whether or not you have access to the DNS records.

  4. If you do not own this domain and Social Pinpoint will be registering it on your behalf, please indicate your preference below to our team:

If you already own the domain, please note the following:

Your domain must be on www or another subdomain (such as OR The custom domain cannot be on the root domain (ie.

While there may be a technical workaround for custom domain requests involving a root domain you already own, it does require technical involvement on both sides and is therefore not preferred. Reach out to our Customer Success team for more information regarding this option.

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