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Page Builder - The Engagement Widget

How do I connect my Map or Ideas wall to my project page?

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"I have multiple engagements to connect to one project page." For many of us, this seems like a daunting task. But, have no fear! The engagement widget is here!

What is the engagement widget you might ask? It is a super friendly tool that you'll find within your page builder that allows you to connect Maps, Ideas walls, Surveys, Budgets, Forums, and Virtual Town Halls from any project within your account all in one place within your engagement pages.

What does it look like? We're glad you asked! Here is a picture of an engagement widget in the wild!

As you see in the image above the client has made the choice to attach both a Map & Ideas Wall on their page! (Click on the image above to try it out for yourself!)

"How do I set one up for my project?" Follow the steps shown in the video below!

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