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How to Setup a Custom Domain
How to Setup a Custom Domain

Setting up a custom domain on Social Pinpoint

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*Please note that an additional charge may apply in order to access the ability to set up a Custom Domain*

This article assumes that you own a domain and have access to the DNS records of that domain.

We recommend GoDaddy as a Domain Provider if you are new to domains.

We do not support custom domains that are "root" domains. For example, if you own the domain you cannot use just that as the domain for Social Pinpoint, instead you will need to select a subdomain, like,, or any other subdomain and use that as your custom domain.

If you or your organisation already have a website, then it is a great idea to use a subdomain of that website for Social Pinpoint. For example, if you have a website running at you can set up Social Pinpoint to run on

Head to the Manage Account screen and go to Custom Domain section.

Enter the custom domain that you would like to use for your Social Pinpoint Account and click Create.

Once you have been transitioned to the next page, wait a few seconds and hit refresh. You should see the information for two DNS records that you will need to add to your domain.

Both of these records are CNAME (Canonical Name) records - which point one hostname to another hostname. Add these CNAME records to your domain through your domain providers website. This will be slightly different for each provider.

Once you have added the two CNAME records you can refresh of click the Refetch button to check on the status of the two records. Once they have been detected the symbol that appears in the Status column should transition from an hour glass to a check/tick.

Depending on your DNS configuration you may need to remove or reorder some existing rules. Look for A records or CNAME records that use the wildcard (*) as these records work on all subdomains. Ensure your new records sit above these rules.

Please note that DNS records may take up to 48 hours to propagate. In most cases you will need to wait at least 10 minutes before these records will be validated through Social Pinpoint.

Once both records have been validated through Social Pinpoint the Request Review button should now be green and active. If you are happy with the custom domain you can click this button which will prompt our Customer Success team to review the request and switch on your custom domain if everything is working correctly. Please be patient while we process this request.

You can check on the status of the request from this screen. After review of your custom domain your Social Pinpoint account will now be hosted at whatever domain you have chosen.

Follow the link and sign in to Social Pinpoint at this new domain. Make sure to bookmark this new domain and update existing bookmarks.

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