At the end of your consultation period you will no longer want to receive comments or survey responses. You may want to leave your site up briefly so the public can view comments that have been left or you may with to remove the site completely.

Social Pinpoint Administrators can control the Project State by logging into the Admin interface and going to the Setup screen.

Once in the Setup screen find the Project Status drop down and set it to either Closed for Comment or Archived to close the site for comments or remove completely.

The Project State setting options are as follows:

Project State:

  • Setup - select during project configuration, no public access to the site unless you are logged in as an administrator

  • Active - this state allows the public to post comments and interact with the site

  • Closed for Comment - allows the public to view stakeholder comments but they cannot add new comments

  • Archived - this state removes the project from being public but allows administrators access to data for reporting

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