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Can I create a private / internal project?
Can I create a private / internal project?
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Social Pinpoint supports the ability to create private projects. This feature allows for new users to be defined that once supplied with a project URL can log-in to the project to drop pins, comments etc but cannot access the admin side of the account.

Please see the below guide for more detail on enabling a private project:

Step by step guide:

Log in to your Social Pinpoint Admin site and Select a project or Create a new one.

Select 'Advanced Settings'

In Project Settings under Details tick the box titled 'Private Project'

⚠️When 'Private Project' is enabled the map or ideas wall cannot be accessed by anonymous users. Only admin users and users defined by an admin can access the project site.

**You will also need to set your project to 'Active' to be able to share the project.

To define a new User in the main title bar click Hi, 'your name' and select the Manage Users option and select New User

Name: Enter a display name of the user account

Email: Email address of admin or user (must be valid to set a password)

Roles: Ticking Account Admin, Project Admin or Project User will define the users access to the Social Pinpoint project

Account Admin: This profiles allows user full administrative access over the entire account including all projects.

Project Admin*: This profile allows the user full administrative access however only on selected projects.

Project User: This profile will allow the user to view selected projects however not make any changes

*A Project Admin on all projects will have the same access as Account Admin however will not be able to view archived projects

**Project specific permissions may not be available on your current subscription. Contact Us for more information

Once the 'Create User' option is clicked an email with password setup and login details will be sent to the email address specified.

The Manage Users interface shows the details of all users including their defined role(s)

Note: Super Admins are automatically created by the Social Pinpoint internal team- this role can be ignored

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