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How can I add new users to my account
How can I add new users to my account
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If you have an Account Admin Profile you can add new users to access the account. Follow the steps below to add new users

Step-by-step guide

You can navigate to Manage Users from anywhere in the account.

Select New User or Edit next to a current user.

You will need to enter the users First Name, Last Name and Email.

You will also need to set their role.

Account Admin: This profiles allows user full administrative access over the entire account including all projects.

Project Admin*: This profile allows the user full administrative access however only on selected projects.

Project User: This profile will allow the user to view selected projects however not make any changes

*A Project Admin on all projects will have the same access as Account Admin however will not be able to view archived projects

**Not all subscriptions have project specific permissions. For more information Contact Us.

The new user will receive an email to set their password.

Once set, they will be logged into the admin portal and can being using Social Pinpoint.

⚠️ Please ensure you check your junk/spam folder if you haven't received the email. Additionally your internal IT team may have blocks in place preventing the email from being delivered.

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