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Can I clone/copy my project?
Can I clone/copy my project?
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This guide will show you how to duplicate your project

ℹ️ Cloning your project will copy all features including layers, surveys, marker types, pages etc. however will not copy any user data (comments made on the original project will not be copied).

Step-by-step guide

Log into your Social Pinpoint Admin site

On the Welcome Screen you will see your Current Projects, next to each of your projects are a number of action buttons.

To duplicate one of your projects, select the 'Clone' button next to the applicable project from your Current Projects.

Once selected you will receive confirmation message.

ℹ️ Cloning a project will count towards your account project allowance.

Once cloned, you will see a duplicate of the project in your project list.

All design aspects of the project will be copied including any associated pages.

⚠️User comments/responses and dashboard/reporting data will NOT be copied.

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