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How Do I Integrate with Zoom
How Do I Integrate with Zoom
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Social Pinpoint support an integration with Zoom to allow admins to run Virtual Town Hall Meeting with their stakeholders. To configure this integration, follow the steps below.

⚠️You must have a paid version of Zoom to use this feature

Log in to your admin account and navigate to 'Manage Account'

Click 'Integrations' to view the fields that you will require from your Zoom account.

Head to and access your account.

Under the 'Advanced' menu, click 'Integrations'

Click 'Go to App Marketplace'

From the top menu, click 'Develop' then 'Build App'

You will need to create a 'JWT' integration

Complete your information and generate your 'App Credentials'

Add your API Key, API Secret Key and the Email connected to the Zoom account into Social Pinpoint.

You will now be able to schedule and run Virtual Town Hall Meetings.

Here are some additional tips;

  • Anything you schedule in Social Pinpoint will also appear in your Zoom account

  • Any settings that cannot be adjusted in Social Pinpoint can be adjusted within your zoom account, this includes security, video preferences etc.

  • For security Social Pinpoint enforces a password on all scheduled meetings

  • No data is shared between Social Pinpoint and Zoom to ensure your stakeholders information remains encrypted and secure

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